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Lirik Lagu Screenager – Muse

Lirik Lagu Screenager – Muse
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Band/Penyanyi Muse, lirik lagu Screenager. Berikut lirik lagu Screenager yang dinyanyikan oleh Muse.

Muse – Screenager Lyrics

Who’s so phoney and always surrounded?
Stop your screaming, no one can hear
All the scars on your skin: “Post no bills”

Who you were
Was so beautiful
Remember who, who you where

Hide from the mirror, the cracks and the memories
Hide from your family, they won’t know you now
For all the holes in our soul host no thrills

Who you were
Was so beautiful
Memories who, who you where

Selain Lirik Lagu Screenager – Muse anda juga bisa melihat lirik lagu dari band Muse yang lain, atau lirik lagu dari band/penyanyi yang beraliran Grunge, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Electronic, Progressive Rock, Space Rock. Bila ada kesalahan dalam lirik lagu di atas, Anda dapat mengoreksinya disini. Anda pun bisa mengirimkan lirik, chord, atau terjemahan lagu disini.

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